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Grinding and Conching – 3000 Miles to the North

Joe and Barbara of Mindo chocolate, ship their cocoa nibs and beans from Mindo, Ecuador to its facility in Michigan. They then select their most flavorful cacao nibs for their finest and darkest chocolate batches. They prefer nibs that have a lot going on, since the complexity of the nibs will determine the complexity of the finished chocolate.

In Michigan, Jose and Barbara record the characteristics of every batch of chocolate (as a sommelier would in wine tasting), that they make. If you look through Mindo’s nib tasting records, you’ll find all kinds of tasting notes such as, banana, cherry, coffee, fruity, floral, roasted, peanut, red wine, woody, tangy, earthy, and the list goes on. We are excited to offer Mindo’s excellent chocolates to you, and hope that you be creative and pare them with our teas.

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